50 Years of History

Ceramiche Virginia was born in 1971 in Montespertoli, in Tuscany, a few kilometers from Florence, as the result of a previous experience by a group of young members: the Company “Ceramiche La Pesa”, the name of the stream of Ginestra Fiorentina, the place where it was located.

From the beginning of its activity, it is clear the vocation of the Company to produce design items with a and great artistic value and craftsmanship, as a result of the association between the traditional Tuscan pottery and the farming traditions on the one hand and innovation on the other; thanks to this vocation, Ceramiche Virginia, with its artistic pottery, within a few years wins, the U.S. and European markets.
The following years are rich of increasing success the articles made by the Company, become increasingly known and thanks to their charm and their disarming beauty take place, take a prominent position inside homes across the world.

At the end of the 90s, following the economic crisis onset on the Italian scene, the trade of tuscan pottery comes in severe distress, it seems to be the beginning of the end, exports collapses and a lot of companies are forced to close; Ceramiche Virginia, with great bravery, attempts to distance, trying to conquer the Italian market, so in 2009 the Brand Virginia Casa was born.
The Company puts beside production for major distributors in Europe and U.S.a new production for Shops (mainly the italian ones) wich are achieved directly by its own sales network with the new brand Virginia Casa, a brand who’s collecting a huge success until today.

In more than 40 years after its birth, Ceramiche Virginia, even though the difficulties of this historical period, is a company in full growth: the secret of this success is, simply, linked from one side to the value of its tuscan dinnerware and home decor pottery, a true excellence of Made in Italy, to the other to the value of people with their commitment and their passion, give life, every day, to an enchanting magic.