Ceramiche Virginia 50 anni di design

50 anni di Design

The tuscan pottery made by Ceramiche Virginia, during more than 40 years of activity of the Company, with their charm and their seductive beauty, have given style and elegance to homes all over the world.
Ceramiche Virginia, with her long history, has gone through half a century of Made in Italy design, by producing elegant and refined tuscan dinnerware & home decor pottery objects able to translate society’s trends and lifestyles with exclusivity and uniqueness.

The Company, during her tireless technological and aesthetic research, has always managed to combine tradition with innovation: on the one hand, the tradition of Tuscan ceramics, which during the Renaissance, had its most important center in Montelupo Fiorentino and the deep rural tradition of Tuscany with its customs, its traditions, its beliefs; on the other hand, the progress of the technique which, over the years, has led to the creation of always better products leaving unchanged their handicraft and artistic value and the changing needs which in the course of time has led to give life to a more design-oriented product.

Sober and valuable expression of styles, colors and shapes, the artistic pottery by Ceramiche Virginia, full handmade in Tuscany in the Montespertoli’s factory, are an excellence of the Made in Italy.

Items with a strong and feeling personality wich recall the joy of the links and the suggestion of the origins, tuscan pottery by Ceramiche Virginia bring people together: family and friends around the same table, generations around the tradition… in a light whirling dance of and emotions that always brings us back to where we want to be: at “Home”.

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The pottery tradition of Montelupo

Montelupo Fiorentino, a charming village located a few kilometers from Florence, has a long tradition in the production of artistic pottery in Tuscany, a huge collective heritage from which Ceramiche Virginia and other companies of this region have been able to draw.

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