Sur le blog de Ferro, leader mondial de la production de pigments et de couleurs, un article de Cinzia Lugli dédié à Ceramiche Virginia …

« Ceramiche Virginia-Emotional glazes »

« I met Mr Pucci from Ceramiche Virginia two years ago. My colleagues described him as a creative guy, a very skilled technician, and an enthusiast for his job, and they were right. I saw his creations for the first time in Paris in the Maison Objet fair and I was really enthralled. Every piece is unique and captures in full the wisdom of someone able to work with ceramic glazes. We find coloured glossy enamels, reactive glazes, silky matt glazes and all the ingredients to create objects that really strike a chord. So we decided to post a dedicated entry on the new Ferro blog to show some products handcrafted by Ceramica Virginia with our glazes, making the creation of high-value beautiful ceramic objects possible. »

Cinzia Lugli | Ferro Marketing

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